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Women Beware Women


Rubber City Shakespeare Company
140 E Market St, Fl 2nd 44308 Akron United States
May 27- June 12
Thursdays-Saturdays at 7:30pm
Sundays at 2:00pm

Women Beware Women tells the story of Bianca, a woman who escapes from her rich home to elope with the poor Leantio. Fearful and insecure, Leantio requires that his mother lock Bianca up while he is away. While locked up, the Duke of Florence spots Bianca in a window and attempts to woo her with the help of Livia, a widow. When Leantio returns he discovers that Bianca has been corrupted and no longer loves him because he lacks wealth and fortune. Hippolito, Livia's brother, is tormented because he is in love with his niece Isabella. Isabella returns the love to her uncle, but to keep their relationship a secret Livia encourages Isabella to marry the Ward, a young heir. Busy putting together illegitimate relationships, Livia discovers that she is also able to love again and as a result, she seeks the love of Leantio. However, as affairs and relationships are exposed, one of the bloodiest Jacobean tragedies is created.